Dude In Dubai

7 thoughts on “Dude In Dubai”

  1. Greetings Brother, I am contemplating a trip to Dubai in January to visit my daughter and her family. They are expats there. I have locks that are about 7 feet long and my beard has a center lock that is past my knees (I’m 6′ 1″ tall). My locks are very thick. What kind of hassle do you think I would receive at customs in Dubai? I’ve been reading different posts on this matter and I’m thinking it may be best for me to cancel my plans for this trip. I am a Rastafarian, so cutting my locks to go is not an option. I appreciate any insight you may offer.
    I give thanks.

    Bongo Najja

    1. Hello Bango,
      Out of every country that I’ve traveled to so far, Dubai has been the most curious about our kind of hair. Interesting enough that you mention customs in your inquiry, because it was a customs officer that complimented me on my locs. I didn’t have negative experiences at all. A few people asked to take a picture with me because it’s such a departure from what they’ve seen.

      Dubai is probably one of the most liberal of the middle eastern destinations. I personally think you will be fine, but that’s my opinion.

      All The Best,

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