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3 thoughts on “About Charles”

  1. Mr. Harris,

    First I really love your travel diary. By the way, I have travelled to Prague and I fell in love with it. Guess what? I even found a Rastafarian night club there. It was really something walking into a club seeing a club full of blond Rastas. I had an amazing time. Took the train from Prague to Budapest’s. Question, do you help plan trips? If you do, how does one get on your travel list.

    I’ve done quite a bit of traveling myself, but REALLY enjoy how you relate your travel experience.

    Thank you for this lovely experience.

    1. Imani, forgive me for my tardiness. I haven’t started planning trips yet.. but… never say never.
      I appreciate you checking out the site. I’d love to hear about your travels as well.
      Go OutofTowners 🙂

      1. Hi Mr. Harris. I am tardi checking my email. I will certainly be very happy to share my travel experiences. Will need to gather my thoughts to make sure I am not all over the place. For now, I will list a few of the places I have travelled: Gabon, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Cote I’voire, Hanoi, Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Budapest Hungary, Prague, Czech Republic, and Bahamas, for now😊. Really want to sit down, write in away that gives each place justice. Experience in each place, was very fulfilling in every way. I do feel that my mindset is more open having travelled. The one thing I did, is to experience each journey, without comparing to the USA. I believe that mindset was very helpful in allowing me to enjoy very new and beautiful experiences.

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