Turned Loose in L.A. … The Cupcake Scenario


Many of you have been to Los Angeles, and if you haven’t, you should go. I’ve been a few times and it’s been epic each stay. It’s always a plus when you know someone where you’re going, and in the “City of Angels” I know a few really good people. L.A. is different from the Northeast and those differences are evident in the landscape. In about a couple of hours, you can drive to the mountains, or you can be on a sunny beach rollerblading. I just want you to know that I’m here for every… single.. bit of it. I needed a break from Toronto’s winter, so a last-minute flight to Los Angeles had me at the airport listening to some Ole School while I had some “traveling cheer”. I rode that bird for 5 hours right on in there.

This trip I had a mission. In the past, I’ve either been there to shoot and/or handle business, but this time I had pressing things to tend to. People have been telling me about this cupcake place for years that I needed to try out. Now look, I’m a cupcake connoisseur so it was pressing that I make it to the west coast to see what all the fuss was about. Sprinkles is their name caking is the game. LOL I was already hanging out with my homegirl Ming from my Detroit years, so we drove over to their Grove location to dive in. Both of us grabbed a coconut and red velvet a piece. What better way for me to measure what they’re all about than to get my two favorite flavors right!

Sprinkles Cupcaks

I started with the red velvet, then the coconut, and it was just …O.K. Both were topped with a butter cream icing and the cupcakes were fairly moist. I also have to take into consideration that I came in the evening and it’s possible that those particular cupcakes have been out for the day. They weren’t bad, but just OK! Now listen here, If anybody know anything about moist cakes, it’s me. LOL I’ve been eating cupcakes from Florida, Toronto,  and these days around the world. I can almost tell you if they’ve used good butter or bad, or look at the icing and tell you if it’s sugar or creamed (I told y’all this cupcake love is serious LOL). Would I recommend you to check them out, of course, but are they that outstanding for you to go out of your way to have them…not judging by the two I had. I will say they’re affordable at $3.95 each for the size. I would’ve like the butter cream icing to be a bit more creamy, or at least fresh, and the cupcakes slightly more moist. Again, I take into consideration the time of day I made my purchase. I’m heading back to L.A. soon and I’m going to give them another chance at a different location. You know I’ll fill you in!

L.A. Landscape

I did whole lot more in L.A. but I can’t tell you all my business. You give some and you keep some 😉 All I know is that they drink a plenty and that Happy Hour can be anytime of the day at any given “waterhole” all around the city. Me and my liver had to hightail it out of there. LOL Pastors drink, deacons drink, Uber drivers drink, old regal women drink, the whole town throws them allllllll the way back. If ever you want to lay around on the beach and “put a few away”, you’ll have no problem getting strong liquor and some folk that will sit right with you for the cause. LOL To be continued L.A. 😉

LA Smile

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