Booze, Bird, and My Seoul …The Chicken Joint

Real Made Chicken

This cook made that bird talk. LOL

The running joke on this trip was my naming Koreans “The Black people of Asia”. LOL  They know how to season some chicken and make a good cocktail. Like a kid on the first day of his favorite class, I raised my hand and yelled “present” for allll of this greatness.

Some trips you return and have to unpack them in layers, this one is included. The food, site seeing, and cocktails can’t all be contained in one writing. Seoul, South Korea is a food and cultural bazaar! It’s one of the crown jewels of Asian that has cuisine spilling out into the busy streets through various vendors. For a foodie like me, Seoul made my soul happy.

In a destination, a spot can grab you for a sit down multiple times. Luckily this joint was down the hill from our hotel with late hours. Real Made Chicken had some of the best fried chicken that I’ve tasted in a very long time. It was so good that it deserves its own entry in ImOutOfTown, apart from the rest of my Seoul experience (which I’ll get to later). Before you get down the steep hill, you can smell that chicken sizzling in the grease. As you see in the photo, the cook is frying that bird in the front with the window open.

I had the plain fried and honey mustard wings with Soju, a Korean popular beverage. Them wings…them wings…. were great and hot out of the grease with a sturdy crispy, even after the sauce was added. Those bad boys was seasoned down to the bone!! And then there was Soju.

Real Made Chicken 2

Honey Mustard Chicken


SoJu – Great taste…nice kick 😉 lol


Most flavors of Soju taste like popsicles, but don’t let that fool you though!! The alcohol content is pretty intense, and the sweet taste will have you dranking and forgetting how strong they really are. It’s the kind of libation I like though…great taste with a kick.

The service at Real Made Chicken was great and the portions were hefty. High five for staff and the outstanding cook. I promise I’ll return to Korea, if for nothing else, to put my feet under their table for chicken and SoJu.

If you’re in Seoul and had a night out, Real Made Chicken is a slice of heaven. I have tons more to write about Seoul, but I Had to yell, “Chicken and Booze … Hallelujah”.


Seoul Me

More to come about Seoul

For more information about Real Made Chicken, click here.

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