Dublin in 48

Dublin Bridge

Samuel Beckett Bridge

At the last minute, with no itinerary or even a pair of underwear packed LOL, I decided to go to Dublin for a short stay. I used the app. to check in for the flight while driving to the airport (and no I don’t recommend texting while driving LOL), and made it on time for departure. I’m always up for some adventure, and this kind of spontaneity can test your limits, or broaden you. I can do a 6-hour flight to Dublin. In my head, that’s a flight to L.A. plus 1 hour.

I arrived in Dublin without a place to stay secured. Eh, I’ve done that before and landed some really reasonable accommodations. For this trip, AirBnb was the way to go. It was 4 of us in total, so we needed space without having to shell out a fortune for 48 hours of fun.

We secured a 2-bedroom apartment with sleepers in the living room as well. Fortunately, it was located in walking distance of the train and a few attractions along the way.

Here is a reoccurring recommendation you’ll see and hear (for those who follow imoutoftown on other social media platforms), purchase a Hop On Hop Off pass. I love having the option to hop on to see the attractions, and hop off to stay as long as I like. It’s like the benefits of a relationship without the drudgery of a commitment. LOL. Let’s get to what Dublin offered us in 48 hours once that pass was in hand.


Definitely go to the Guinness Storehouse! I’m not going to lie, learning the history of beer was cool at first, but then I was anticipating the end, which landed us at the top floor of their swanky Gravity bar that overlooked the city. For 17.50 Euros, A pint of beer is included…another perk.

Me Brewery

Brewery view

Gravity Bar

Me view Brewery

Fantastic view of the city from the Gravity Bar

For nightlife and classic Irish pubs, get yourself to the Temple Bar district. I bumped into a guy from Ohio that just so happened to be playing covers that night with his band at a spot named Front Door. We checked them out and had an Epic time. Food was great and the band wore us out!!!!

Dublin Castle and the Old Library were historical and beautiful. Both will not monopolize too much time, yet you can gain some Irish cultural significance with both tours.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Old Library Dublin

The Old Library


For authentic food, Irish stew and soda bread is their stable. While at the Guinness Brewery, a couple we chatted with recommended O’Shea’s, great choice and very hearty! Found myself struggling to continue on for a bit from my fullness.


The famous Irish Stew

Guinness meat pie was hit too and well worth the 11 Euros. The Long Stone is Dublin’s oldest Viking bar and you feel the history upon walking in. Every restaurant in Dublin, even for snacks, was very good surprisingly. I’ve never heard of anyone raving about the food, so I had no expectations of what Irish cuisine would taste like. All of it was a total win!

guiness meat pie

Guinness Meat Pie

What to remember

 Ireland, much like England, has very cool summers. I made the mistake of packing shorts and tank tops thinking that summers in Europe are relatively similar. That may be the case some regions, but the weather is very different and much cooler in Ireland. Prepare for that when you’re in Dublin.

If you purchase the Hop On and Hop Off pass, it’s good for both the bus and the train. Remember to tap the green button with your pass before you step on to the train.

Dublin Train

Don’t go looking for leprechauns and rolling green hills in Dublin. It’s a world-class city with the infrastructure and attitude to go along with it. The locals are very friendly and willing to help you if you’re lost, but don’t be offensive and ask about leprechauns.


 You’ll discover that Dublin is much more diverse than you imagined. Many Brazilians have immigrated to Dublin to learn English. I was surprised, but I understand why. Dublin is that great city that is unassuming, and kind of a well-kept secret as far as great destinations in Europe. I’ll definitely return!

shopping dublin

Dublin Street Life



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