Wine and Stumbles


Front of the winery

Who knew that in the middle of nowhere, really nowhere, that I’d stumble upon one of the most perfect and quaint wineries. Literally if you blink, you’ll miss the signs leading up to this small little oasis tucked away in the woods of this sleepy beach town of Fort Pierce. To be honest, whenever I’ve thought of Florida, winery never comes to mind. I know I’m not alone.

Winery Inside

The family of this estate also enjoy surfing.

Red Wine.JPG

This bottle of red wine is apart of the estate collection.

wine glass winery


Apparently Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery has been here for some time, with quite a bit of history. For $8 (USD) you can sample a variety of estate wines with a glass you take home as souvenir, or $6 (USD) for the plastic alternative (just spend the extra $2 and grab the glass). The estate wines are made with ingredients grown on this massive property. Other wines are available that contain imported ingredients, they too, made on the vineyard.


Pay attention to the Muscadine wine. It’s been in the area for hundreds of years.

Every Sunday there’s live entertainment near the lake adjacent to the winery. I was told that the audience and the entertainment alike are both a lively bunch, making it one the areas best kept hideaways. Hidden indeed, because I’ve been visiting this area for years and never knew it existed.

Outdoor wine.JPG

Outdoor Wine 2.JPG

Seating near the performance stage


If you’re in Florida and just so happen to pass Fort Pierce, Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery is off the Indrio exit. Pay close attention to the signs because they’re small. Don’t be discouraged driving through the desolate wooded areas. Remember, it’s really tucked away! The staff is super nice and from what I consistently hear…and heavy handed…if you know what I mean. 😉

Wine Porch

Southern style front porch

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