For Play, Aruma, and Playa del Carmen

If I’ve learn nothing else about traveling, I know that you can’t always rely completely on the media to be your gauge for what any destination is really like. However, I was slightly tainted about Mexico and the relentless negative cast on the entire country. Now, like anywhere else, I’m sure they’re places that are less welcoming for tourist, however Playa del Carmen isn’t one of them. I was fortunate enough to have a super good time, and fantastic accommodations that kept me in the heart of it all.

Mexico wasn’t on my radar of “must go’s”. Primarily because I thought the years that I spent living in Florida probably gave me a similar experience of being in Mexico anyway. Wrong! Playa Del Carman is the hot spot Miami Beach use to be, but as of recent, has failed miserably at achieving. For a less expensive playground, Playa Del Carmen is a vibrant party goer’s paradise. If you’re aiming for the kind of vacation that keeps you on the beach, near great food at all times, and safe, this is your destination. I lost count of how many heavily armed police that were visible to ensure patrons safety.

Aruma Outside

Aurma Lobby

Aruma Lobby

Playa Del Carmen is a no frills, tank top and flip flop spot. With that in mind, where you stay should mirror that lifestyle…and I found Aruma Hotel.

I’m drawn to any place with minimalist and sleek designs. My philosophy is that I can think clearer; and it’s easy to organize in those types of environments. Aruma is a boutique hotel with such, and everyone that follows ImOutofTown already knows; I prefer them to most. They usually entail a staff that grows familiar with your needs quickly, more in touch with the destination, and not painted with a corporate brush of hotel necessities.



aruma room

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Aruma Courtyard

Aruma open courtyard

Of course pricing can depend on the season, but it’s overall affordable (and if I can say that, it really is because I’m thee bargain hunter lol). Besides it’s minimalist appeal, I can appreciate feeling like I escaped the party and noise of the streets when I entered the doors from being out. A total and complete win for my guest and I!

Here’s what to do in Playa del Carmen:

*Bring your swimsuit!  Don’t be intimidated, they’re ALL kinds of bodies in swimsuits walking around Playa del Carmen. lol

Aruma Balcony

Aruma balcony

* Have the cocktails! They’re beyond exceptional and the bartenders have a “heavy hand”, which we like. lol

* Hit the night life and dance.

*Eat the Guacamole! Just about everyone prepares it fresh and sometimes, even in front of you.

Guac Playa del Carmen.jpeg

Fresh guacamole at our table

*Grab a Churro! I had the best churro of my life there. (Plenty of stands to choose from)

*Keep in mind that Playa del Carmens’ tourist are of every demographic, but the nightlife is mostly geared towards young adults.

Playa del Carmen night life

Vibrant nightlife

The question I always conclude with after every trip is, “Would I go back?” To Playa del Carman, absolutely, but my mindset would be ready to party, and that my hotel should allow me to rest when I’m done.

If you’re headed to Playa del Carman, you can use promotional code ImOutofTown for a discount on your entire stay at Aruma Hotel (as you can see, I made friends quickly there). You can book here directly

Playa del Carmen Me

Enjoying the beach

Special thanks to Matthew McNeil and the Aruma Hotel staff for making our stay in Playa del Carmen fantastic.

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