Icaco, Isla Mujeres, and ImOutofTown’s Gold Star Stay

Icaco at night

The outside of my …well …villa.. at night. Icaco is beautiful no matter.

Flying to Cancun is a vacation, but taking the ferry to Isla Mujeres is an experience. It’s an island off of the coast of Cancun that’s a short 30 minute boat ride, that even provides some acoustic entertainment. I’m a bit leery about boats (hence why I’ve never taken a full on cruise), but this boat was big enough to ride the waves for my comfort. The trip is short anyway. Before I could think about being on a boat, it was time to exit.. I like that!

Cancun Boat

The boat ride to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small island, about 7 kilometers long, so navigating it is simple. For a taxi, you’re going to spend 50 Pesos ($2.68 USD or $3.30 CAD) to go anywhere. I highly recommend renting one of the carts to explore the island on your own.

Isla Mujeres cost

One of the many beaches of Isla Mujeres

Where I stayed made the experience like none other I’ve ever had. If Playa del Carmen is geared for the young adults to party hard, Isla Murjeres for sure caters to the mature vacationer. The island is filled with great restaurants, villas, and cozy bars. It’s a bit, as I would say, pulled up in comparison.

Speaking of villas, I stayed in what my Mom would call “The lap dog of luxury” lol. Icaco Island Village looks as if it was transported out of the hills of Hollywood. When we arrived, we said in unison, “Oh My God”. I don’t think we were expecting how spectacular Icaco would be. The three of us would wander off, then bump back into each other in silence, just shaking our heads. The non-verbal gesture was universal for, “I can’t believe I’m here”. It’s dreamy!

Icaco part 2

Icaco Island Village

Beach Across

The secluded beach across the street from Icaco Island Village

Icaco inside

My beautiful room at Icaco Island Village.

Icaco hammock



Icaco Island village is opulent. My room had floor to ceiling sliding doors that overlooked the hammock on your personal porch, and a gorgeous secluded beach across the street as a backdrop. YES…..THE BEACH IS ACROSS THE STREET! This didn’t feel like a hotel, we all agreed that this is indeed.. a villa. Did I mention that there is a roof top infinity pool and outdoor beds along with pillowed lounges? Oh yes, I was snapping photos and posting away. The décor is clean, a bit of art deco mixed with Spanish style architecture that’s accented with rustic styled doors and trimmings. White walls and sheer white curtains that blow in the breeze when the doors are open creates the perfect ambiance. It is reminiscent of the high end Delano Hotel of Miami Beach, yet personal and tucked away.

Spiced Rum

That complimentary spiced rum that we didn’t get to finish. The bottle was huge!

A complimentary bottle of spiced rum was waiting for us, a cart arrived for our Island adventure , and there was continental breakfast with fresh squeezed juice. So I thought to myself, so this is how the rich live. LOL I flew to Mexico after a few days in Taipei. Taiwan, but after staying in Icaco, I wish my ENTIRE getaway was there.

Infinity pool

Enjoying the infinity pool.

Fantastic rooftop

Fantastic Rooftop

I’ve been all over the world, and I’ve stayed in a variety of places and I must say, NOTHING compares to my experiences at Icaco Island Village. The staff was fantastic and the location couldn’t be any more perfect. I can go on but the photos will speak for themselves.

Here is what you must do while staying on the island of Isla Mujeres:

* Rent a cart. It’s the golf carts and you can drive them around the entire island

Mexico Cart

The Cart…Best transportation on the island.

*Eat at the Dolphin Buffet. For $20 USD, is all you can eat annnnndddd DRINK. The drinks are really strong too!

*If you’re into snorkeling, this island is a great place to do it.

*There are popular beaches but others with incredible views that are secluded so check them out.

*Park your cart and pop in on some of the live bands and dance.

*Eat at Javis Restaurant. Great food and great service

Javis Eat.JPG


*STAY AT ICACO ISLAND VILLAGE! I’m telling, it’s like no other experience I’ve had.

* Remember, Isla Mujeres is more pulled up so it’s super safe and great for the adult vacationer.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Matthew McNeil, Mattia Rusconi, and the staff at Icaco Island Village. The experience was amazing ! If you’re heading to Cancun, Isla Mujeres or the surrounding areas, use promotional code ImOutofTown for a discount on your entire stay at Icaco Island Village here  https://goo.gl/R64or1


Me Icaco

We even had our own robes! All smiles here 🙂

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